Motorcycle Training Program - Metro $360.00

SafetyNL, Mt. Pearl

The Metro Region is comprised of St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Paradise, Conception Bay South and surrounding communities.

Gearing up is the only nationally recognized motorcycle training program in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Our curriculum is certified by the Canada Safety Council and all of our instructors are trained to meet national standards. 

The course includes an in-class component that is usually held on Thursday evening at our main office location and two days (18-21 hours) of practical instruction which takes place over the weekend. The on-bike portion takes place in a large self-contained training area next to the Motor Vehicle Registration Building in Mount Pearl. You will need to bring your riding gear to class for assessment by an instructor.

We provide a large selection of well-maintained motorcycles suited to every student’s needs.

You will learn defensive riding techniques that are necessary in today’s traffic environments and riding conditions. We teach safety, and in the process, you learn how to ride a motorcycle. Emphasis is placed on operating and balancing a motorcycle, increasing your visibility to other drivers, turning, emergency braking, signaling, avoiding obstacles and potholes, and maintaining control.

For those who do not successfully complete the course the first time, two hours can be made available for additional practice, at no additional charge. Private lessons “one on one” with an instructor are also available at a rate of $90.00 (no tax) per hour. When you feel you are prepared to repeat your final course evaluation simply contact the office and have it scheduled for the next available evaluation date.

The course is held in various types of weather so appropriate clothing is recommended. We provide coffee breaks, comfort breaks, and lunch breaks. There a microwave, water cooler, and fridge available. Please note that there is no smoking on the property.

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We require 48 hours notice of any cancelations or transfers.  An administrative fee of $25 will be applied if notice is given in less than 48 hours.  Some exemptions may apply.

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