Driver Safety - Point Reduction Course $240.00


 The Point Reduction Course is for those drivers looking to get points back on their license. Individuals who have a full license for over a year can accumulate 12 points before their license is suspended. For those who have had a license under a year or who have a permit, suspension is at 6 points.

Upon completing the course, a maximum of 4 points can be removed from the driver’s record, however, the convictions will remain on the driver’s abstract for five years. Participants will be given a certificate to show completion and the information will be forwarded to the Driver Records department of Motor Registration Division. Please note that it may take a few days for records to be updated.

This course can be completed once every five years, and participants must still have a valid license.

If you are outside of the Metro Region, this course can be completed online via Zoom. Please contact the office for more information.

If an individual’s license has been suspended for accumulation of points, they will need to complete the Responsible Driver Workshop (also called the Driver Safety Course).  If the license has been suspended for impaired driving, please see Think First (SHIP).

SafetyNL does not have access to your driving record. If you are uncertain that this is the right course for you, or whether your license has been suspended or not, please contact the Motor Registration Division office nearest to you. SafetyNL does not offer refunds for courses that have been completed.

We require 48 hours notice of any cancelations or transfers. An administrative fee of $25 will be applied if notice is given in less than 48 hours. Some exemptions may apply.

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