Course Information

Dear Client,

Thank you for your interest in the Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Program and Safety Services Newfoundland Labrador. Before you complete your course registration, we ask you to take a few moments to review the following information about the program. If after reading the information you still have questions or concerns, please call the MTP Coordinator at 709-754-0218 or toll free at 1-877-754-0210.

Motorcycle Training Program

The Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Program is a combination of classroom instruction and on bike riding practical exercises. During the classroom portion of the program you will be given information regarding the practical training location and times. The classroom session is mandatory and students cannot take part in practical training without prior completion of the in-class portion of the course.


Instructors delivering the Gearing Up program are highly competent and qualified through a rigid program of training, evaluation and review. They will train you in motorcycle safety and teach you to ride safely.


The course is delivered on bikes provided by Safety Services Newfoundland Labrador. The program is designed for the novice or new rider and uses bikes which are from 125 cc up to 500 cc.

Course conditions

Due to our climate, the course is held in varying types of weather, therefore, you should be prepared with appropriate clothing. Proper rain gear should always be available. No course will be held in unsafe conditions.

Students are required to supply the following:

  • A proper fitting helmet with valid safety standards (CSA, SNELL, DOT, BSI or ANSI). The maximum age for helmets is 7 years. You can determine the age of the helmet by looking under the comfort liner inside the helmet for the date of manufacture. With all types of helmets (except those with full face visor), eye protection, such as prescription glasses, sunglasses or goggles is required.
  • Gloves (preferably leather) that offer hand protection, but can still grip the controls of the motorcycle.
  • A sturdy jacket and pants (no nylon sports jackets)
  • Sturdy boots, such as work boots or hiking boots, to cover ankles (NO SNEAKERS)
  • Rain gear is required as the course goes rain or shine.

All riding equipment must be checked and approved by the program instructor during the classroom session. This check is necessary to ensure that the riding gear you plan on using meets the required standards. Doing the check during the in-class portion of the course gives the student an opportunity to obtain any items that need replacement.

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